How to Rub Preparation-H on Acne

Close-up of a mid adult woman wiping her face with a cotton pad

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Preparation H has a number of nontraditional uses. According to, over the years rumors spread that Preparation H would reduce eye puffiness, enhance the appearance of muscles and make pimples less noticeable. Although not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for anything but hemorrhoids, you may find it useful, in partnership with an eye drop solution, for a minor acne breakout.

Soak a cotton ball with an eye drop solution. Do not use a solution for contact lens or saline. Stick to a product that is a vaso-constrictor or designed for red eyes.

Hold the soaked pad on the pimple for three to five minutes and then wipe the affected area with a clean towel.

Place a small dab of Preparation H onto your fingertip. Spread a thin coat of the medicine over the swollen area. Let the Preparation H sit for several minutes and then wipe it off with a moist cloth.