How Effective Are Epilators?

Milan Markovic/iStock/Getty Images

An epilator is not for those with a low pain tolerance. The electronic device grasps multiple hairs at once and tugs them away at the roots. Because you're removing the hair at the root level, it'll take longer to grow back than if you had shaved the area. Epilators work similarly to waxing, but you can easily do it yourself at home.

Convenient and Less Time-Consuming

Epilators come in corded, battery-operated and rechargeable models. You can use one to remove the hair from your legs in less time than it takes to shave, once you get the hang of it. Using an epilator may be less abrasive than waxing, which also removes a layer of skin cells along with your hair and can cause irritation and redness. You can't compare an epilator to laser hair removal, which can be permanent, but laser treatments are pricey and require multiple visits. The results from an epilator can last up to four weeks, buying you hair-free skin for much longer than you'd get with your trusty razor.