Shampoos That Contain Biotin

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Shampoos provide a very basic service in the beauty and hygiene routine of most people. They clean the hair and scalp of dirt, grime and oils, and can potentially provide surface smoothing and shine to the hair shaft. Since we use shampoo so often, it makes sense to make the most of the product by looking for additional benefits that may be available. Biotin has many benefits to offer hair, including rapid growth. It can help stimulate the scalp and hydrate the scalp and hair shaft.

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

Avalon Organics Biotin B-complex Thickening Shampoo’s customer reviews on a number of websites show up positively. It boasts biotin, niacin and panthenol as key ingredients, all of which are beneficial to the scalp and stimulate circulation to it. Panthenol is overall a good cell-health booster, but specifically is said to bind well to hair follicles and hold moisture there, keeping the scalp from drying out. In addition, other ingredients claiming benefit are rosemary, saw palmetto, jojoba oil and aloe vera. Rosemary stimulates the hair follicle, encouraging better growth. Saw palmetto is thought to reduce the amount of certain hormones around the hair follicle and reduce hair loss. Jojoba oil is similar to natural scalp oil and provides hydration. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties.

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Shampoo

Mill Creek’s Botanicals Biotin Shampoo creators claim it can help “replenish important nutrients necessary for healthy scalp and hair.” The ingredients list shares the biotin, niacin, panthenol, jojoba and aloe vera with the Avalon shampoo. Additional ingredients include inositol, folic acid with cysteine, keratin and peppermint oil. Inositol is said to promote healthy hair growth, but it remains scientifically unsubstantiated. It is one of the B-complex vitamins. The peppermint oil is antibacterial and anti-lice, and may help dandruff. It also provides a cooling, tingling effect, but can sometimes be irritating to sensitive scalps. Mill creek performs no animal testing for its products and is an organically run company.

Lamas Beauty Chinese Herb Stimulating Shampoo

Lamas Beauty Chinese Herb Stimulating Shampoo is on the slightly pricier side but contains biotin along with other natural ingredients to promote healthy hair. The product description says it will help alleviate dryness, dandruff and itchiness on the scalp. It also clears away excess sebum, or scalp oil, from blocking hair follicles, which can prevent hair growth. Similar to the other reviewed shampoos, it also contains panthenol, aloe and peppermint along with coconut, which has excellent degreasing and cleansing properties, lending credibility to the claim of washing away excess oils. Hydrolyzed wheat conditions the hair while adding shine and manageability. This shampoo contains vitamin E, which is a great topical antioxidant, especially if a lot of time is spent outside in sun exposure. Two possible ingredients that may potentially cause skin irritation are ginger and eucalyptus, although the eucalyptus also has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.