Can Apples Promote Hair Growth?

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Apples are rich in fiber and in a variety of essential nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants, making it a cell-renewing substance. In "Food and Chemical Toxicology," apple extract is listed as safe for human consumption, even at high levels of concentration. It is natural and affordable, making it an attractive idea to many who want natural solutions for hair loss.

An Apple a Day

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According to the Tsukuba research team, unripe apples contain Procyanidin B-2, a natural compound that appears to handle proteins in a way that makes new hair grow. Although not as highly concentrated, eating a ripe apple gives you some of this compound along with all of the antioxidant benefits. If your goal is to grow new hair and keep your current hair healthy, eat an apple a day.

Apple-Seed Shampoos

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The manufacturer of Revita, a popular shampoo containing apple-seed extract, claims that it stimulates the growth of hair. Caffeine, which has also been identified as a hair-growth stimulant, is added to Revita's compound, along with other ingredients, to increase the diameter of each hair shaft, according to the company.

Oral Supplements

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Polyphenol extract is also sold in powder for oral use. Often, the apple-seed extract is combined with extracts of other polyphenols like cocoa and chokeberry. They contain the same properties as the apple extract shampoos and could offer you some benefits if you are suffering from hair loss.

Topical Solutions

No research has been published comparing polyphenol shampoos, capsules, powders and creams, but the Tsukuba study involved the use of topical solutions, which are also widely sold to the public. Choose the form that would work into your routine easily. Most manufacturers recommend that you use it for several months to get maximum results, so choose a method that will not disrupt your life too severely.

Apple Extract

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After testing hundreds of botanical extracts for years, a group of Japanese researchers at the Tsukuba Research Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan, found two compounds that successfully promoted hair growth in 2002. One of these was from chardonnay grapes, while the other was from apples. The apple extract performed significantly better than any of the other compounds tested, prompting personal care companies to develop solutions for hair growth based on it.