Powder Foundations for Acne-Prone Skin

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If you have acne-prone skin, liquid foundations can make your face look greasy. Some foundations may even clog pores and cause breakouts to erupt. Your best bet is a powder foundation, which is typically made from crushed pearls and minerals. Powder foundations absorb oil on skin, which may prevent new blemishes from developing.

Pressed Powder and Loose Powder

Powder foundations are available in a loose or pressed form. Pressed powders can look clumpy or change color on greasy skin, so they're a better choice if your skin is only slightly oily. This foundation blends easily and works well with bronzer or blush. Loose mineral-powder foundation offers excellent coverage and absorbs oil, but some women may find it too drying. The loose powder can also look streaky on oily skin or make large pores more noticeable. Mineral foundation isn't the best choice for people with dark skin, as it can make the complexion look pasty or ashen. For more pimple-fighting power, use a foundation that contains salicylic acid.

How to Apply Powder Foundation

By applying powder foundation correctly, you'll avoid a flaky or clumpy look. Dip the bristles of a large powder brush into the foundation. Move the brush back and forth with short strokes to coat the bristles with powder. Tap the brush against the container a few times to knock off excess powder. Press the bristles against your skin and then roll the brush to coat your face with powder. Repeat until you've achieved as much coverage as you want. Use a pinch of translucent powder when you're done to set the foundation in place.