How to Make a Quick and Easy Rainbow Collard Wrap

by Lia Haberman ; Updated November 15, 2016

Kelly LeVeque's secret to eating healthy after a long day at work is to buy pre-chopping ingredients from the local salad bar.

After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours cooking a healthy meal from scratch. But thanks to holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly, you won’t have to.

We met with the LA-based health coach to learn her secret to making delicious and satisfying rainbow collard wraps in minutes. How? She uses pre-chopped ingredients from the local salad bar.

“One of my favorite things is to run to Whole Foods and make a dinner in 15 minutes that looks like it should have taken an hour,” says LeVeque.

Salad Bar Hacks: Collard Wrap

How to make a quick and delicious collard wrap with celebrity health coach Be Well by Kelly #wholefoodshackbykelly

Posted by LIVESTRONG.COM on Thursday, October 20, 2016

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One serving of Kelly's collard wrap includes 323 calories; 13.86 grams total fat; 31.78 grams protein and 21.17 grams total carbohydrates.

For the Full Recipe: Rainbow Collard Wrap

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