Yummy Cocktail Virgin Drinks

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You don’t need alcohol to create a tasty cocktail. Virgin drinks, also called mocktails, can have the same depth and complexity of flavor as alcoholic cocktails. They also contain fewer calories than their alcoholic equivalent. Regardless of whether you don’t want alcohol or you're watching your weight, the key to making a great mocktail is to treat the drink as you would a cocktail, taking time to measure and mix the ingredients, as well as add that special garnish.


Fresh vegetables and fruits are a hallmark of springtime. Blend tomato juice with parsley, basil and lime for a virgin bloody Mary with a little bite. Serve the drink in a tall glass with a stalk of celery. Stir lime juice, soda water and simple syrup together for a fresh and simple mocktail. Serve the virgin cocktail over crushed ice, and garnish with a slice of lime. Mix apricot juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice and soda water for a sweet drink with a tropical twist. Serve chilled with a lemon slice garnish.


Berry and melon flavors are in season during summer. Mix watermelon juice, cucumber juice and a splash of soda water for a light and refreshing summer drink to beat the heat. Serve over ice with a slice of cucumber on the rim. Blend raspberries, orange juice, citrus soda and ice in a blender for a berry mocktail with a tang. Serve in a tall glass with a straw and a slice of orange on the rim. crush mint leaves in a short glass, and mix with grapefruit juice and citrus soda for a sparkling virgin mojito. Serve over crushed or cubed ice and garnish with a mint leaf.


Apples and light spices are common flavors for chilly fall months. Stir warm apple cider with lemon juice and cinnamon syrup for a cozy mocktail. Pour into a thick glass tumber with a lemon peel in the bottom, and stir with a cinnamon stick. Combine apple juice, ginger ale and orange juice for a sparkling drink with the taste of a fall harvest. Serve the mocktail in a tall glass with a straw and slice of apple. Mix ginger ale and cranberry juice for a sweet and sour soda over ice and float lemon slices on top.


Winter drinks reflect the flavors and colors of the holiday season. Mix hot chocolate with vanilla extract and peppermint extract for a sweet holiday treat to warm up a chilly night. Serve in a tumbler with a mini candy cane hanging from the rim. Stir cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, cherry juice and citrus soda together for a colorful holiday mocktail with bite. Dress it up in a fluted glass with a maraschino cherry floating on top.