Writing to Someone in Hospice Care

by S. Grey

Writing a letter to a hospice care patient can make his experience more comfortable. Hospice care is an adjustment for those who are under hospice care and also for their families. There is a shortage of professionals in this arena, according to the American Psychological Association, which means your words of support and love are helpful and welcomed. The energy you take to write a letter may help ease a hospice patient's load.

A Spoonful of Sugar

In hospice care, patients face the end of life, so you can help patients by offering sweetness in writing. Send a letter that reminds a patient of the time you shared together and how you cared for her. If you are able to be with her physically, the letter can brighten her day when you are not physically present with her. If you are not able to visit, a letter can help your loved one feel as though you are with her.

Considering the Memories

Dementia is a common issue in hospice care, and your writing will take a different tone if you are writing to someone who has the disease. Respect where the patient is in terms of memory and history. If he is remembering events from 20 years ago, stay with his memory, instead of forcing him to live in the present. Honoring his autonomy and reality will make his transition easier instead of causing confusion or frustration.

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