Why Are Swedish Fish Called Swedish Fish?


Swedish Fish are a gummy candy. Typically red colored, they are shaped like a fish and have the word "Swedish" on the side.


The Malaco company developed Swedish Fish in the 1960s, specifically for export to North America.


The original Swedish Fish was red, and the flavor was unique to the candy. Later, other colors and flavors were introduced, including yellow (lemon), green (lime), purple (grape) and orange.


For the U.S. market, the candy is named "Swedish Fish" because it originated from Sweden. In Sweden, the candy is called "pastellfiskar" (literally, "pale fish").

Vegan Safe

Swedish Fish do not contain gelatin.

Other Shapes

Swedish Fish also come in an assortment with other shapes, including a starfish, puffer fish, whale, sea horse and dolphin.

Black Swedish Fish

The black variety of Swedish Fish has a salty flavor.