Who Invented the First Flat Iron?

From chemical processes to heated accessories there are many ways to straighten hair. Throughout history there have been many inventors who created hair products, heated combs and rods and flat irons as a way to straighten hair. The merging of a couple of different inventions created the model for the first flat iron.

Brief History

Methods of hair straightening have been attempted throughout history. The method of using heated combs at high temperatures has been popular for a long time. In the 16th century, Marcel Grateau started using heated rods as a way to straighten hair. In 1912 a Scottish heiress named Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield created the first flat iron with two plates hinged together.

The Best Design

It is a fact that the Scottish heiress Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield incorporated the flat iron designs of others and made it her own. She knew that the hydrogen bonds found in the hairs cortex causes hair to curl, wave or crimp. The flat iron she created was designed to break the hydrogen bonds to smooth out the natural curl of hair.

Current Flat Irons

The Scottish Heiress along with many other inventors made it possible to create a flat iron that is less damaging to hair and helps the hair stay straighter. From those early inventions flat irons have become more advanced.

Tips and Warnings

A flat iron of any make or model can damage your hair. Daily use and a higher temperature setting may cause heat damage over time. Mechanical damage can be prevented by using ceramic or tourmaline plate flat irons instead of metal plates.

Where to Buy a Flat Iron

Today there are many different types of flat irons for different types of hair available for consumers. Flat irons can be purchased online, at drug stores, beauty supply shops and some salons.