Hairstyles for Chemo Patients

Chemotherapy patients often lose their hair, or much of it, and need a new way of styling. A little advance preparation and thinking about new styles can help. Most of these hairstyles will be short, and you might consider cutting your hair shorter before your first treatment.

Loose Ponytails

Most chemo patients begin losing their hair right after the first treatment. Hair may fall out in chunks or slowly thin around the edges. Use a loose ponytail to avoid further stress on your scalp. In this style, the hair is pulled back gently. A light conditioner can help keep your hair in place.

Short Cut

Preparing yourself for chemo can begin with treating yourself to the short haircut you have always been a little nervous about. It can be a dramatic difference and also fashionable. Leave your hair long enough to style it a bit.

Short Wigs

A wig is another option during chemo. Many women who go through chemo like to wear long wigs. But a short wig can help you get comfortable with hair loss. After the treatments are over, your hair will begin to grow back but will be short for some time. A short wig can be styled, combed and curled to give a more natural feel.