White Party Invitation Ideas

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For a white-themed party, you’ll want to make sure your invitations not only announce your party theme, but follow it as well. While you can certainly have a white invitation card, using white ink on a white card will make it impossible for guests to read the important details such as the party date and time. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep the white theme; you just have to get creative. Get partygoers excited about your theme right when you hand or mail them custom white-party invitations.

Invisible Invitations

Mix up a batch of invisible ink, which just requires some supplies from around your house, such as lemon juice and cotton swabs from around. Lay your blank white invitations on a table, dip the swab into the invisible ink, and write out the party details, including what to wear and the party location. While the invitations dry, write instructions to hold the invitation up to a hot light bulb (using standard black or blue ink instead of the invisible ink this time) on a slip of paper. Slide both into an envelope, address in legible ink, and wait for the white-hot R.S.V.P.s to start rolling in.

White On, Black Out

Many fans of white-out, which goes by the brand name of Liquid Paper, appreciate that quick-drying paint helps cover up scribbles and typing typos, but they might not know that the original name for the product was called Mistake Out. The product serves as a mini-paint palette ideal for creating white-party invitations. Instead of sending guests a standard invitation card, put white front and center by making or buying mini-chalkboards. Although chalkboards are often associated with white chalk instead of white-out, chalk can quickly fall off, but white-out will adhere to them firmly and permanently. If you don’t have mini-chalkboards, purchase a small can of chalkboard paint at the hardware or paint store, and paint on thin wooden rectangles. Write out your party details of date, time, location and dress code right on the chalkboards, then seal them in a padded envelope and take them to the post office to ensure you have the correct postage.

VIP Beads

Let guests know their presence is truly requested at your event by creating VIP “backstage pass” invitation tags. Create tags on your computer’s word processing, desktop publishing or graphics program, or draw them by hand on white copy paper. On one side, write “VIP,” and on the other, add the party details. If you have a laminator, run the tags through it to protect them. Otherwise, cover the tags in contact paper for a firm seal. Punch a hole at the top of each tag, and attach it to a white, beaded necklace with a paper clip or twist tie. Encourage guests to wear their tags for entrance into your party.