Which Brush Bristles Are Best for Stimulating Hair Growth?

girl brushing long hair image by NatUlrich from Fotolia.com

Boar Bristles for Hair Growth

The best brush to use for hair growth is one with natural boar bristles. This is because they are gentle on the hair and spread hair oils from the roots to the ends, conditioning the hair and giving it strength and sheen. Folica claims boar bristle brushes "polish hair and smooth the cuticle for glossy shine." Because boar bristles are gentle on the hair, they prevent breakage and gently massage the scalp, stimulating blood flow, which promotes hair growth. My Hair Styling Tools reports that "the hard bristles stimulate the scalp, increasing the blood flow which can be very relaxing and soothing...Increasing the blood flow to the scalp has been linked to stimulating hair growth, creating thicker and longer hair as well."

Detangling and Breakage

A brush made with natural boar bristles is not particularly good for untangling the hair. Its main purpose is to gently brush the hair and distribute hair oils. Also, it is not recommended to brush the hair excessively, as this can lead to breakage.

Bottom Line

A brush made with natural boar bristles can gently massage the scalp, stimulating hair growth. However, excessive brushing to remove tangles is not recommended because it can cause breakage, inhibiting long locks.