Where to Apply Perfume

Of the varied uses of perfume, popular reasons include stress relief, confidence boosting, mood changing and, of course, as a means to attract attention and express personality. Olfactory senses play an important role socially, and the selection and proper application of perfumes should be observed to achieve the desired effect. Certain points on the human body allow for the best reactions between skin chemistry and perfume.

Choose your method of application. Perfume can be applied a number of ways, depending on your desired effect. Some methods of application mix with skin chemistry, others allow for a more pure experience of the scent, while others still leave a very light, short lasting scent. No matter which is your desired effect, bear in mind that perfumes are meant to be experiences as a subtle hint, not an overwhelming tidal wave.

Apply perfume to your pulse points. For a stronger mixture of your own skin chemistry with the perfume, apply a light spritz or use an application wand and dab a very small amount of perfume on your neckline, wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears. Because you are applying the perfume to so many sites, you will need to keep the application scant, otherwise you could over-do the effect.

Spray perfume into the air immediately in front of you and walk through the mist. This method works best if you want a very light, short lasting scent. It won't interact as strongly with your skin's chemistry, and it won't likely last an entire day. However, it does give a pleasant whiff of fragrance for a short period of time, and the fragrance renews with small bursts with the friction of your clothing.

Spray perfume lightly over your hair. This keeps the scent true to its original fragrance, and allows for a light scent all day with the friction of your hair. Be very sparing with this method, as you don't want to saturate your hair with perfume. If needed, you can apply another spritz until you have reached your preferred level of fragrance.

Check your scent. If you feel you have over-applied your scent, you can use a wet cloth to wipe it from your skin. In the event you have applied the scent to your clothing or hair, you may need to change your clothing or wash your hair. Abide by the rule that perfume should be subtle.