Where Does Vitamin E Oil Come From?

Vitamin E oil is used for treating scars, acne marks and fine lines and wrinkles, usually around the face and neck. If you find it to be too sticky, apply it at night before bed. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, and it helps to keep your skin healthy. It protects skin by destroying free radicals. For better overall health, it’s also important to take vitamin E orally, either through your diet or by using a supplement.

Natural Sources

Natural sources of vitamin E include vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables.


Vitamin E oil is made from alpha-tocopherol, which is blended with an oil carrier. It can also be made from distilled vegetable oils, such as canola or corn oil.


Store vitamin E oil in cool conditions and ensure that the bottle is airtight, as oxygen can make it unstable. When stored in ideal conditions, vitamin E oil has a shelf life of about three years.


If you're having trouble finding vitamin E oil for purchase, try purchasing vitamin E supplements in capsule form. You can break open the capsules to use the oil inside them.


To apply vitamin E oil, gently massage it in your skin on your face, neck, or other areas of dry or damaged skin.