When Was Vitamix 4000 Introduced?

by Carly Reynolds ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Vitamix 400 is a personal blender that was first introduced in the 1980s. The 4000 series Vitamix was produced from the 1980s until 2007, when the Vitamix 5200 was introduced. (See Reference 2)

Vitamix History

W. G. Barnard founded Vitamix products and released the first blender in 1937. The Vitamix 3600 and Vitamix 4000 were the first personal blenders to introduce both large motors and friction cooking capabilities. (See Reference 2)

Vitamix 4000

The Vitamix 4000 is a personal blender that is comprised of professional-grade parts. This blender is useful in making soups, smoothies, desserts and ice cream. (See Reference 1)

Vitamix 4000 Parts

This personal blender comes packaged with a 64-ounce shaterproof container. The container is also BPA free. Also included in the box is a cookbook featuring 240 recipes, an instructional DVD and a getting started Guide. (See Reference 1)

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