What to Write in a Card to Your Sweetheart

Julie Edgley


Writing a special card or note to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, an anniversary or birthday can be a daunting task. But don't let the pressure hold you back. With a few simple steps, you'll be writing Shakespeare-worthy notes to your one and only in no time.

Set the Tone

Before you start writing, decide the tone you'd like the card to read. Consider the state of your relationship currently. Are you newly in love? Exhausted and knee deep in parenting? Been together since forever and have the wisdom of time under your joined belt? Write from the place you are currently living -- your card will feel more sincere that way.

Vanessa Bell

Say My Name

In addressing your sweetheart, go over the top. Shower them with praise and unexpected monikers that will have their hearts full before even the first sentence. Greetings such as "To my wonderful husband," "To the love of my life" or "To My best friend" are always touching. Also consider using an adjective before their name for a simple opening: sweet Penny, beautiful Maria, loyal Ben.

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In the Beginning

Recall a detail from a meaningful time in your relationship and bring focus to how it has impacted your lives together, "I remember the time I first saw you walking down the aisle. The wind had caught your veil and I caught a glimpse of your smile. I was blown away by your beauty."

Vanessa Bell

Appreciate Their Roles

Your sweetheart is likely to be many things throughout the year: loyal partner, stead-fast provider, best friend, world's most dedicated parent. While a specific day such as an anniversary or Valentine's Day is meant for love and romance, take a moment in your card to note your appreciation for their other roles in your life.

Vanessa Bell

What You Love

The main body of your message should indeed be focused on what you appreciate about your sweetie -- what makes your heart skip a beat, how their presence makes you feel. Don't underestimate the simple things either. Feeling safe with their support, stable in their love, honored by their friendship are all admirable qualities of a relationship. Avoid writing things that aren't sincere and stick to the realities of your relationship.

Vanessa Bell

The Road Well Traveled

To be sure, there is so much beauty in the roads relationships take, both good and bad. For those in a relationship of many years, take stock of your time spent together. Have you overcome hurdles? Taken on new hobbies together? Made promises to start anew?

Mike Baird

Happily Ever After

In closing your card, uplift your hopes and dreams. Be inspired to claim a future of joy and "happily ever after," however it may look. Often overlooked, end your note with a look to the future: your forever partner, forever yours in adventure, always and forever.

Vanessa Bell