What Is the Benefit of Aftershave?

Any teen or man who shaves should make aftershave part of his shaving routine since its main purpose is to protect the skin. Some men choose to use the aftershave in place of a cologne since they like how it smells and they don't want to use too much scent. In other cases, there are men who are in relationships that choose to wear aftershave to please their partner if they've commented how they like the scent on them.

Shaving Relief

The main reason to use aftershave is to relieve your skin from the trauma of shaving it. The lotion can stop the bleeding from shaving nicks and help them heal, soothe your skin, prevent or minimize razor burn and remove ingrown hairs.


Men in all income brackets can afford some kind of aftershave. Even those who don't usually go in for luxury brands can splurge on a bottle of Terre D’Hermes or Joop—which each cost about $65 per bottle—to keep for special occasions. They can stick with a brand like Old Spice, which only costs about $6 to $21 per bottle, for everyday use.


Splashing on aftershave lets people know that you are invested in your appearance and that you practice good hygiene. This can be particularly helpful for men who suffer from acne, for it shows that their skin condition isn't the result of not cleaning properly. Also, people simply prefer to be around others who look clean than those who don't.

Skin Care

This lotion can help keep your pores clean and prevent them from getting blocked up with bacteria, which can cause acne or make existing acne worse. It also moisturizes your skin, makes it look smooth and polished, and gives it a refreshing feeling.


Scents go a long way in making a good impression and can be changed to suit any occasion. Businessmen select top brands like Armani or Burberry since they signify status; a man who wants to impress his fiancee's parents would use a discreet scent when he first meets them.


Aftershave can make a man seem more attractive. The role that scent plays in sexual attraction is well-documented, and men use it to increase their chances in landing dates. Both gay and straight men can benefit from using aftershave to enhance their appeal.


Aftershave helps men feel more confident about their appearance. An nice scent draws compliments and attention from others. Confidence, in turn, makes people feel happier, which can enhance their business dealings and personal life.