What Is Rock Sugar Used For?

Rock sugar or rock candy, which consists of large crystals, has some different uses than table sugar or sucrose. Rock sugar is used in some beverages, liquors and soups, as a glaze or eaten as candy.


The large crystals of rock sugar grow in a concentrated sugar solution, according to Chow.com. They can be clear, white or caramel-colored. Sometimes the crystals are formed on strings. Rock sugar is not as sweet as table sugar.

Chinese Dishes

Rock sugar is an ingredient in some savory Chinese dishes. It is added to some braised meat dishes to give them a mellow flavor and a translucent appearance. Chinese cooks also use rock candy to flavor sweet soups, chrysanthemum tea and some liquors, according to MamaHerb.com.

Other Facts

Other countries also use rock sugar. Mexicans use it to make skulls in celebrations for the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos. The candy is later eaten. In India rock candy is offered with aniseed to freshen the mouth after meals.