What Is an Oblique Toe?

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An oblique toe does not refer to a type of toe, but rather the way certain work and hiking boots are styled. Oblique toe boots and shoes are common, and you can typically find them at the same price as regular boots.


An oblique toe can be identified on a boot as the elevated and wide portion that covers the big toe. Many people prefer the look of an oblique toe because they enjoy the rounded look of the boot, as opposed to the narrow, pointed look of traditional cowboy boots.

Practical Reasons

Oblique toe boots and shoes offer much more room for the big toe to move and breath in, and can prevent cramping or hammertoes: a condition that causes the toes to curl inward instead of naturally extending out.

Oblique Steel Toes

Oblique steel toe boots are boots that have a small steel barrier covering and encasing the tip of the boot, protecting the toe from punctures such as nails or sharp wood. This type of boot is often found on construction sites and among camping and outdoor enthusiasts.

Oblique Toe Alternatives

Sandals and flip flops offer toes plenty of extra room to move and breath, but do not protect the feet or toes from sharp objects. Various boot and sneaker combinations offer the wide range of toe mobility and comfort of boots, but the lightness and flexibility of sneakers. You can find these shoes at most sporting goods stores.