What Does it Mean When the White Part on a Nail Turns Clear?

hands & manicure tweezers image by Indigo Fish from Fotolia.com

Normally, your nail tips are white and strong, but they turn clear at times. Though some changes in your nails can be warning signs to other health problems, this little change should not worry you. Just like your skin, your nails need a little extra TLC.


According to Dr. Bhupinder Kaur on the MedHelp website, constant contact with water can make your nails transparent. Washing your hands can dry out your skin, but it also takes a toll on your nails.


To combat the water’s effect on your nails, use a protective and moisturizing cream during the day and creams with glycolic acid at night, according to Dr. Kaur.


Dr. Kaur suggests wearing cotton gloves while doing housework and cutting back on your contact with soaps and detergents.

Nail Polish

According to the Mayo Clinic, applying a thin coat of nail polish may hold in some of your nails’ moisture. Since nail polish remover can be harsh on your nails, remove and reapply the nail polish after a week. Avoid removers with acetone because it strips away the moisture.

Dry Hands

You should thoroughly dry your hands after bathing or washing your hands and wear rubber gloves if your hands are going to be in soap and water for a long time, according to the Mayo Clinic.