Tips on How to Have Healthy Nails for Men

Young woman making manicure in beauty parlour, elevated view

Steve Mason/DigitalVision/Getty Images

While some men may balk at the idea of a professional manicure, there are plenty of ways to improve the health and appearance of your nails without setting foot in a salon. If your nails are smooth and uniform in color, they are probably healthy. If they're ragged and discolored, however, give them some extra care to get them in good shape and good health.

Stop using your nails to pop open packages, pry off labels and otherwise work as tools. Using them as tools weakens and damages nails.

Wash your hands regularly, and scrub under your nails to remove dirt and bacteria. If you want to get your nails really clean and soften up your cuticles, soak your hands in a conditioning soap.

Wear gloves if your hands will be in water for an extended period of time. Water weakens your nails and makes them more likely to break.

Clip your nails whenever you can feel the nail when you press against the tip of your finger.

Cut nails straight across so there's still a little white at the tip. If you cut too close, you can create a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

File the corners of your nail so that they're slightly rounded -- it looks better, and you'll be less likely to pick at them during the day.

Massage your nails with hand cream a few times a week or whenever they feel dry. Pay special attention to your nail beds, and massage the cream right into your cuticles.