What Are Sea Salt Soaks?

by Christi Jordan ; Updated September 28, 2017

Sea salt soaks are both relaxing and invigorating and have healing, cleansing and nourishing effects on the entire body. Sea salt soaks can be taken either by submerging the entire body in a sea salt soak, or soaking a cotton ball in sea salt and water for a localized sea salt soak on a specific area. There are over 80 minerals in sea salt that nourish the body, and both soothe and revitalize the system.


The cleansing effects of the sea salt soak draw out impurities and remove toxins from the system. The sea salts work on the entire elimination system including the glands, encouraging the detox process, stimulating the system both internally and externally. The sea salt also works to relax muscles by removing lactic acid, the buildup of which causes weak, tired and stiff muscles.


Sea salt soaks are very invigorating because they increase blood circulation and stimulate the body's natural release of toxins through the largest organ, the skin, promoting clean, healthy, glowing skin. Sea salt also kills germs and bacteria on the skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh and clean.


Sea salt soaks help prevent skin infections by cleansing and removing impurities and bacteria. This is true and beneficial for many types of skin conditions including acne, minor cuts, bites, stings, and abrasions. Many tattoo artists recommend using pure sea salt soaks to disinfect piercings on a daily basis, and to prevent and treat minor infections surrounding the piercing.

Time Frame

Run a hot bath, (heat to your tolerance level), adding one to two cups of sea salt, and enter the bath to soak. Remain submerged in the bath until the water has nearly become room temperature (or to your tolerance level). The longer your bath stays hot, the better it is for your skin, and the detoxifying and cleansing effects will be more dramatic. The longer you remain in the bath, the more time you allow for the process.


Sea salt soaks can have more added ingredients to promote either soothing or invigorating effects, as well as essential oils for lavender for relaxation and healing, combining the mineral benefits of the sea salt soak with the healing properties of aromatherapy. Many premixed sea salt soak packages have citrus, floral or herbal ingredients incorporated into the bath recipes for specific healing and beneficial effects on the body and mind.

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