What Are Day Boat Scallops?

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Whether you are a food connoisseur or a restauranteur, knowing the lingo is key to elevating your mastery of the subject. This can be challenging; as the culinary world matures and specialty foods grow in popularity, more and more vocabulary must be learned to keep up.

Scallop Preparation

Fresh scallops make a great addition to many dishes. Often cooked with pasta, scallops can also be used in a seafood stew or salad. As with any seafood, fresh scallops have a better taste than frozen or older specimens; because of this, day boat scallops have become an appealing option for chefs.

Fishing Technique

Scallops -- most commonly the species Placopecten magellanicus -- are found at the very bottom of many saltwater seas. They are harvested through a technique known as dredging; a large net or rake is dragged along the bottom of the sea, collecting scallops and other deep-sea creatures.


Similar sea creatures, such as oysters and clams, quickly die when removed from the water. Scallops enjoy the ability to survive for much longer out of their normal aqueous environment. Keep this in mind when paying for fresh scallops.

Day Boat Scallops

The phrase "day boat scallops" refers to the technique with which the scallops were harvested. Some fishing boats will stay out to sea for days, collecting scallops and keeping them on board until they eventually return to land. Day boat scallops are caught and brought back to land on the same day. This leads to fresher scallops.