Wedding Dress Superstitions

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There are many superstitions and traditions that are connected with weddings in general and specifically the wedding dress. Even people who are not overly superstitious often feel compelled to follow some of these superstitions and traditions because they enhance the specialness of a wedding day and add to the celebration of the marriage.


The bride must be very careful not to tear her wedding dress while she is wearing it. If the wedding dress is torn on the wedding day, the superstition is that the marriage will end with one spouse dying. In connection with this superstition, if the wedding dress is torn the day prior to the wedding the marriage will end in death also.


A bride should never help to make or sew her own wedding dress. If a bride does contribute any sewing to her own wedding dress, it is thought that the number of stitches she sews will be the number of tears she will shed during the course of her marriage. To bring good luck, the last stitch in the wedding dress should not be stitched until immediately before the bride walks down the aisle. Some brides have several hairs sewn into a wedding dress for good luck.


As unsettling and upsetting as this would likely be, it is considered the utmost in good luck if a bride happens upon a spider nestled in her wedding dress. Remember to remove the spider safely before the bride puts on the wedding dress.


One of the oldest superstitions states that it is bad luck for the entire wedding outfit (including all accessories) to be worn before the wedding day. It is also warned that if the bride does try on any portion of the wedding outfit prior to her wedding day it is bad luck for her to look at herself in a full mirror. If a bride tries on her wedding dress before her wedding day, this superstition can be adhered to by not trying on the entire outfit. It is also considered unlucky for the groom to see the wedding attire before the actual wedding ceremony.


Silk is considered the best fabric for good luck for a wedding dress. Satin material is considered bad luck and should not be used. Velvet material is connected to future poverty. It is considered bad luck if the wedding dress fabric has a pattern. Vines and birds within a fabric pattern are considered especially bad luck. The wedding dress should never be red ("Marry in red and you'll wish you were dead") and if there happens to be an accident where blood stains get on the wedding dress fabric, this is considered a very bad omen. Wedding dresses should be white, cream or ivory colored for good luck and a happy life.