Ways to Get Your Cheating Husband to Tell the Truth

If your husband has unceremoniously broken the vows he made to you on your wedding day by cheating, he has likely also lied about his infidelity. To many women, getting the truth out of their cheating spouses is of paramount importance as, until they do, they can not move on with their plans to end or mend their relationships. If you are faced with the task of confronting your spouse, the manner in which you go about the confrontation could play a part in determining his willingness to tell the truth.

Present Facts

One of the easiest ways to force your husband to be honest with you about his infidelity is to present him with facts that prove your suspicions true. If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your husband has been unfaithful, spend some time gathering up evidence of this vow-breaking behavior before confronting him. Aim to acquire more than just a piece or two of this proof, as he can almost surely refute one hotel receipt or a garment that doesn't belong to you found in his car. Instead gather a whole portfolio of evidence, making it next to impossible for him to side-step the accusation.

Express Importance of Honesty

If you value honesty above all else, make that clear to your husband. Tell your husband that honesty is highly important to you and make it clear that, if he is honest, you are willing to work through issues that you might not be willing to tackle if he continues to lie. Once you make this desire for him to be honest with you clear, he may be more willing to tell you the truth about his indiscretions.

Catch Him Red Handed

While catching your husband with another woman is likely not something you really hope to witness, doing so makes it impossible for him to continue with the charade. If you do catch your husband with the women with whom he is having an affair, avoid airing your dirty laundry in public, but instead approach him and tell him that you need to speak to him as soon as he gets home, then leave. He will likely make haste to get home, not leaving you long to wait before you have the discussion you never wished to have.

Focus on Building Communication

If you and your husband long ago ceased to communicate, rebuilding this communication is an effective way to get him to tell the truth. By starting to talk to your husband again and making communication a priority, you can not only increase the chance that he tells you about his affair but also strengthen your marriage as a whole.