Valentine Card-Making Ideas for Kids

Kelle Hampton

If you have a child in elementary school, Valentine's Day is most likely an event she excitedly anticipates not only for the sweet notes she'll be bringing home in her backpack, but for the valentines she'll love passing out. Your child can say "You're my friend" in creative ways with these five homemade valentines.

Pass Out Pens

Kelle Hampton

Every writer knows there's great power in a pen. Pass that power to the little writers in your child's class with this easy to make valentine. Scan a sheet of notebook paper or find a free clipart version online and add a "stu-pen-dous" message with any word processing program. Use a hole punch to create two openings for a pen to slide through to finish it off.

Present Bouncy Balls in a Bag

Kelle Hampton

Most party favor aisles offer small bouncy balls which make a cute and inexpensive gift for friends. Tuck a couple in a cellophane bag and staple it closed with a printed "Have a Ball" note.

Add Something Sweet to Your Note

Kelle Hampton

What do Valentine's Day and the game Tic-Tac-Toe have in common? Lots of X's and O's. Drop the "toe" and keep the "tic tacs" with this sweet and minty fresh message for friends.

Glue a Fun Maze to a Card

Kelle Hampton

These pint-sized party favor mazes, available at party stores, add some fun entertainment to the holiday and provide a cute play on words. Just type and print your note, and then glue to the back of the games.

Paste Photos onto Paper Goodie Bags

Kelle Hampton

Is your child a budding photographer? Let them take some Valentine-themed photos with your phone (you can set them up with a piece of white posterboard for a backdrop and some good camera subjects such as colorful candy, heart chocolates or even a pet) and get them printed. Add a small bag of treats, a sweet message and some colorful washi tape, and your child's valentine is sure to make someone smile.

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