Uses for Potash Crystals

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Potassium permanganate, or potash, is a harmless inorganic chemical compound that has many applications. Potash crystals are useful in treating skin irritations and rarely cause any harmful side effects. In its original form, potash is dark in color and the powder has a crystal-like granular form. Besides mixing powdered potash with water, convenient potash tablets are also available.

Human Uses

Thanks to its oxidizing and disinfecting properties, potash crystals can effectively treat skin ailments such as eczema. For skin afflictions such as psoriasis and dermatitis, potash crystals help to soothe the resultant blisters. In addition, potash crystal solutions can effectively clean oozing ulcers and abscesses that form on the external body. For all of these uses, you should take a potash crystal bath consisting of a mix of two 400 gram tablets for every eight liters of water. When used in a wrap the concentration is usually much lower, depending on the extent of the soreness. Do not leave the wraps on for more than a half hour.

Potash crystals can be used to treat fungal infections of the foot. For this, you will have to soak your feet in a solution of 100 grams of potash crystals for every 8 liters of water. Doing this three times a day is helpful.

It is not unheard of to use potash in drinking water to oxidize the presence of iron, manganese, harmful bacteria as well as odd smells and tastes. However, this is not considered an at-home procedure.

Plant Care

Aquarium plants benefit a great deal from potash crystals. To use as a disinfectant, dip marine plants in a solution of potassium permanganate for around a quarter of an hour. This will effectively kill all harmful bacteria. Afterward you can safely place the plants in the intended aquarium. However, take care that both plants and fish have a resistance to potash. There are certain fish and plants that do not react well to an increased potash concentration.

Potash Crystals for Animals

For those who keep fish, potash crystals have immense uses. Use the crystals in large fresh water aquariums: two milligrams to a liter of water for a four-hour period will help disinfect fresh water as well as salt-water aquariums. Generally, they do not affect any other mechanism of the aquarium. However, it would be advisable to test its effect on marine life before actually creating a bath. A potash bath once a week is sufficient to prevent any unnecessary damage to your fish. Potash helps kill bacteria and algae that affect ponds and aquariums. It also targets bacteria that could damage fish gills.