Treatment for Ingrown Hairs on the Bikini Line

Hair removal, whether it's through shaving, tweezing, depilatories or waxing, can cause ingrown hairs to form beneath the skin. These bumps look like pimples and are often pus-filled. They contain the hairs that have gotten curled and stuck in the follicles. The hair on the bikini line tends to be more coarse and is especially prone to the development of ingrown hairs. It is important to treat ingrown hairs immediately after hair removal.

Keep it Clean

If ingrown hairs on the bikini line enlarge and become infected, they can cause scarring. The area should be washed with a gentle antibacterial cleanser immediately following removal and as often as possible in the following days. A body brush or loofah should be used to remove the dead skin cells that can worsen ingrown hairs. Sweat and body oils can increase the instance of ingrown hairs on the bikini line. The use of an astringent containing alcohol will further keep the area bacteria-free.

Specialty Products

There are products on the market made specifically for treating ingrown hairs that work especially well on the bikini line. Sally Hansen makes "Zero Bumps" in cream and pads. Tend Skin is a popular post hair removal solution that is also available online and in many beauty supply stores. Additional lotions and gels for ingrown hairs are sold in local drugstores.

Medicine Chest

Since ingrown hairs have similar components to pimples, acne remedies with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid are helpful. Hydrocortisone cream can be used to alleviate the swelling. Antibacterial creams like Neosporin can be applied to help keep the area from becoming infected. Aloe vera (in lotion or gel) is soothing and can help heal ingrowns on the bikini line.


There are ways to help keep ingrown hairs from appearing on the bikini line in the first place. Make sure the area is cleaned and exfoliated. Always use a clean razor when shaving and shave in the direction of the hair growth. When tweezers are used, the hairs should be gently lifted out and not pulled.


Laser hair removal and electrolysis have less of a chance of causing ingrown hairs. They should be considered for bikini line hair removal. Though they may cost a bit more, the methods are often permanent.