Top Unisex Presents for Christmas

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Buying a unisex Christmas gift for a large family gathering does not have to be overwhelming. Many offices and groups have informal Christmas gatherings where the rule is that you must bring a unisex gift for the Secret Santa drawing at the office. Typically, you have a set limit on how much you can spend and there are many options on presents you can purchase that anybody would find enjoyable and useful.

Battery Charger Kit

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Purchasing a battery charger that includes several AA or AAA batteries is a good choice for anyone. Most people have many different items that require these type of batteries. It seems that you always run out of batteries late at night when you do not want to get out again or when it is cold outside or pouring down rain. Usually people have a drawer full of batteries at home, but never have the right type for the gadget that has quit working. The charger is handy because you can always keep your batteries fully charged, when they run down you just put them back on the charger and they will be ready for the next occasion.

Travel Alarm Clock

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Most people own alarm clocks, but they usually run on electricity. Travel alarm clocks are useful not only when you are traveling, they are also useful any time you are expecting inclement weather and are afraid the electricity will go out in the middle of the night and you won’t awaken in time to get to work. Travel alarm clocks are portable and usually small and come in a wide price range.


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Everybody loves to eat, and a gift in a jar is a thoughtful present for anyone, according to the All Free Crafts website. The jars can be embellished with a colorful piece of fabric or a bow. Recipes for gifts-in-a-jar include dessert dishes and ingredients for stew, chili and even dog biscuits. These gifts are even handy for people who never cook, gifts-in-a- jar can be created for hot chocolate or spiced tea mixes that anyone can enjoy.


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No one seems to have a camera around when it is needed. Even people who own expensive cameras usually don’t carry them around with them. Digital cameras are inexpensive and small; these would be great for someone to toss in her purse, a briefcase or car.

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