What Are Things You Ask Your Boyfriend to Enable You to Get to Know Him?

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Whether you are going out on a first date or in the email phase of your relationship, asking a new boyfriend questions is an effective way to get to know him. After moving beyond standard matters of name, occupation and interests, get creative to find out what goes on in his head. Preparing questions can reduce the risk of awkward silences during your first date.

Guidelines for Questions

When you first begin to date, the questions should be light and interesting, according to eHarmony’s “15 Great Date Questions.” Show genuine interest in your partner by listening to his answers. Something he says might spark excitement, as you find the similarities and differences that indicate whether you and he could have fun together.

Standard Details

A good question will get your boyfriend talking: “What would your siblings tell me about you that you would never mention?” Or try this: “Do you have a nickname with an interesting story?” Questions about the most memorable event of his life or his role models will tell you what he considers important. On a lighter note, ask him to name the strangest thing he ever tried to do. What would be the title of a movie about his life? Which actor would portray him?

Discovering His Interests

Shared interests can bring you together. If talking about his favorite movie, music, sport or food doesn’t appeal to you, ask what amazing super power he would like to acquire. Which superhero did he want to be as a kid? What is on his bucket list? What is the most exciting thing he does at work? And what would he do if money was no object? Whimsical questions could include what he would do if he had a magic wand or what he would miss most if stranded on an island. If all else fails, ask what he would say if he met an extraterrestrial.

Adding Humor to Questions

Laughter and fun makes for more enjoyable dates, so add a humorous bent to your questions. Ask him to name his favorite humorist or comedian. What makes him laugh? What was his worst pet ever? Ask about the craziest thing he ever did as a kid. And if first dates drive you crazy, ask, “What do you hate about first dates?”