The Ingredients in Chipotle Sauce

by Chelsea Hoffman

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Chipotle sauce offers a zesty and flavorful kick to sandwiches, salads and a variety of other recipes. Making chipotle sauce at home proves to be a simple task when you have the right ingredients. Ingredients in chipotle sauce are minimal, making it an easy-to-prepare condiment for any of your home-cooked meals.

Chipotle Peppers Adobo

Chipotle peppers Adobo is composed of chipotle peppers, vinegar, onion and tomato paste or ketchup. It is sold in cans and makes for the main ingredient in homemade chipotle sauce. Because making chipotle peppers Adobo is a time-consuming process, the canned option is a more convenient choice.

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard offers a tangy and sweet kick to the chipotle sauce recipe. It also provides added creaminess to the texture. Dijon mustard varieties such as spicy brown and honey Dijon create alternations in the sauce's taste.

Garlic and Herbs

Fresh minced garlic, onion and a variety of herbs such as cilantro, bay leaf and cumin make delicious additions to a homemade chipotle sauce. A small amount of salt added to the ground powdered herbs adds extra flavor to the sauce recipe.

Lime Juice

Lime juice, added to many southwestern and Latin dishes, offers a little bit of zing to the taste and acts as a preservative owing to its citric acids. Small amounts of the juice is adequate, however, as it can become overpowering.


Mayonnaise offers a creamy and smooth texture to the sauce as well as a balance against the spiciness of the chipotle peppers Adobo. Mayonnaise, the base of the chipotle sauce recipe, blends well with the lime juice and other ingredients to create the creamy and mild chipotle flavor. Mayonnaise with lime juice added can be used as an alternative to lime juice and mayonnaise as separate ingredients.

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