The Best Way to Organize a Closet

Keeping an organized closet paves the way for having a more organized life. Having a place for everything and everything in its place saves you time when getting dressed, adding efficiency to your life. You may think that having a more organized closet will cost more than you can afford. In reality, following a few simple guidelines can give you a highly organized closet with a minimum of expense.

Hang Like Items Together

One very important aspect of organizing a closet is grouping like items together so you always know where to find the specific thing you need. Pants should hang in their own respective section, as should tops. Likewise, women should group skirts together and hang dresses in a section closest to the wall. For both men and women, suit pieces should hang together in a section for suits. Use sturdy hangers designed specifically to hang both pieces of a suit.

Organize Accessories

Maximize your closet shelf space by using decorative boxes or plastic bins to hold hats, scarves and handbags. This will keep them together and neatly organized. Hang hooks on the side walls of the closet to keep belts handy. Men should attach a tie rack to one of the closet walls to neatly organize their neckties.


If you must store your shoes in the closet where you hang your clothes, leave them in their original shoeboxes, or use plastic shoeboxes to keep them organized. To make your shoes easier to find when you need them, consider labeling the shoeboxes with the color and style of shoe. You can also keep your shoes neatly sorted by placing them on shelves along the floor of the closet. Place sachets inside your shoes to keep them fresh and to avoid having a bad smell in your closet.

Further Organization

In addition to hanging like items together, within the sections you can also group your clothing by color or by function. Depending on what works best for you, keep all your dressy tops together, your casual tops together and so forth. If you prefer, sort your black tops, your red tops, your white tops and your light-colored tops, then do the same for your bottoms.