The Best Types of Raw Honey

by Penny Elaine ; Updated September 28, 2017

Honey bees hard at work making honey in the honeycomb.

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Raw honey is gaining much praise from consumers who are switching to more natural and unprocessed diets. While some may have a favorite type of raw honey, others new to the concept may not know what the best form of raw honey is, or what they should look for.

Comb Honey

This type of honey is raw liquid honey packaged with a piece of the honey beeswax in the jar. Comb honey can be found in different flavors, based on what type of flower the honey bees were working on when they produced the honey. Comb honey also has pollen and propolis in it which is used as a bacteria fighter, making it useful in various home remedy methods of health care.

Chunk Honey

This type of honey is actually a large chunk of the honeycomb taken from the bees hive. It is placed into a jar or container, and has raw liquid honey taken from the hive poured over it. Chunk honey is as close as you can come to placing your hand in the hive and getting the honey for yourself, only this way is much safer.

Section Comb Honey

Section comb honey is honey sold in wooden frames. This is not honey taken from the hive; the wooden frames act as the hive as the bees make the honey directly in the frames being sold. This is the purest way to buy honey, since it is untouched and unaltered. The best way to buy this honey is directly from a honey farmer. This is the only way to guarantee good quality honey. Unlike honey stored in jars or containers, section comb honey is typically sold at a weight of about one pound.

Difference in Pure Honey and Raw Honey

Basically the difference between pure and raw honey is that pure honey undergoes some type of processing to improve the taste and texture, and to remove any particles left in it from the hive. Raw honey is exactly that: honey taken directly from the hive. In many cases, raw honey is sold in a jar with part of the beehive inside. Both types of honey are safe to eat, but honey in the raw keeps all of its vitamins and minerals, which are lost during the processing of pure honey; this makes raw more beneficial to your health.

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