The Best Places to Get Married in Pennsylvania

The perfect wedding location in Pennsylvania depends on personal taste. The Location Weddings website identifies the Pocanos as the wedding capital of Pennsylvania because of the variety of wedding styles and locations available there. Pennsylvania also has many bed and breakfasts, farms and wineries that offer couple a quaint and more unusual wedding experience. Tastes in weddings differ, but Philadelphia seems to have something to offer for everyone.

The Big Wedding Venue

Caesars Pocano Resort offers couples a choice of four venues in which to get married. The resort tailors the wedding to suite each couple's taste and budget. Couple who marry at the Caesars Pocano Resort must stay for a two-night honeymoon. The resort's honeymoon suites, some built in Roman and Egyptian styles, provide a variety of choices. The resort has honeymoon planners who can assist couples and answer any questions they have when planning their weddings. The resort also has an online booking system for people who know what type of wedding they want.

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts P.O. Box 547 Scotrun, PA 18355 877-822-3333

Elopement Weddings

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is situated on the banks of the Delaware River. The resort offers weddings outside between the months of April and October and inside throughout the year. The resort offers full weddings, including receptions. For those who prefer to elope, the resort offers a simple wedding package. Have your wedding ceremony on the golf course, on the banks of the Delaware River or on the stage of the Shawnee Theater.

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort One River Road Shawnee-On-Delaware, PA 18356 570-424-4000 ext 1407

Small-Scale Venue

Lippincott House offers weddings and receptions on a small scale. The mansion house was built in 1897 and still boasts many of its original features. The house, which only has four rooms, can accomodate weddings with limited guest lists. Brendan Smith, who provides catering services for weddings held at Lippincott House, has cooked for Prince Charles, Oprah Winfrey and Elton John. He was head chef at the United Nations before taking over at Lippincott House.

Lippincott House 2023-2025 Locust St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-523-9251