The Best Clothing for Cold Weather

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If you are new at a cold region or visiting a chilly area, you want to be prepared to combat the cold without catching a pneumonia. The outermost layer of your clothing should be wind resistant so you don't lose naturally generated body heat. Instead of cotton, choose fabrics like silk, polypropylene or wool for inner layering of your clothing.


When going out of the house, be sure to wear a woolen hat that covers your ears. You may also want to try a furry headband that will keep your head at a comfortable temperature outside. Furry headbands are usually half-hats made of polyester, which can keep your forehead and ears warm during the chilliest days. If you cant find a stylish hat, try looking for woolen and acrylic beanies, which not only look cute but also are warm. If you’re going somewhere up the hills where the cold is extreme, take an ear-flap hat that resists negative temperature.


A warm woolen or acrylic scarf is an absolute must-have for frosty mornings. Besides, it's a great fashion accessory, so you can be confident about your attire. When picking out a scarf, make sure it's soft so it doesn't irritate your neck. Fleece or cashmere may be comfortable fabrics. Besides scarves, pashmina shawls are ideal to withstand indoor cold. You can just wrap it around your shoulders and be at a comfortable temperature.

Gloves or Mittens

You may not necessarily like how they look, but fabric mittens are great for keeping warm. Besides you can find ones that go with your outfit or hat, which will give it a cute look. However, mittens tend to hinder hand functioning, so they may not be ideal if you need to use your hands. In that case, choose regular warm gloves or ones that have suede palms. Leather gloves have a good grip for driving or tasks like shoveling snow.


You will have to buy more than one winters coat for different purposes. For instance, if you want to take a walk in the park, a down jacket will be preferable since it tends to be lightweight and warm at the same time. However, if you are expecting snow or rain, take a hard shell jacket with you when going out, since it won't let moisture get in. According to CBS News website, a crossover coat is a good choice for roaming around in the city while keeping warm, since its stylish and toasty warm at the same time.