How to Test True Friendship

While it is not wise to intentionally wreck a friendship, it may become necessary to test the loyalty f those people you call your friends. Although the term friend is applied to casual associates and acquaintances, the status of true friend is reserved for those special people that are battle tested and proven worthy of the title. Testing true friendship requires you to be honest while determining the intentions and real basis of your friendship. Read on to learn how to test true friendship.

Attempt to discuss controversial issues with your friend. Topics like politics and religion can serve as a reliable gauge in determining whether a friendship is true. Although your friend may totally disagree with your stance on the next presidential election or prayer in public schools, it should be understood that both of you are entitled to your own opinions. A true friend will not belittle your views or harass you to change your mind. True friendship is not ruined by differences of philosophies or ideals.

Entrust your friend with a dark or juicy secret. Trust is an important component of true friendship. Who is better to trust your dirty laundry with than a true friend? A true friend should be able to keep your secret to themselves no matter how much it aches to spill the news. If word gets back to you that your friend has divulged your secret, you know that you need to watch you do and say around them. While it may be hilarious to gossip about others, it doesn’t feel so nice to have your business spread by a “true friend.”

Ask your friend for a huge favor. Make sure the favor you ask for will inconvenience your friend in a significant way. This will test just how far your friend is willing to go to help you out of a rough situation. A true friend will drive you home from the airport on a rainy night or rearrange a date with their crush to help you study for your final exams. Take care not to abuse special favors that your friend is willing to complete for you.

Tell your friend the truth about their horrible singing Although your declarations may sting your friend’s ego, it shouldn’t damage your friendship. True friendship is able to survive the honest truth. There is no need to pretend that your friend is the next Mariah Carey while you laugh to yourself behind their back. The ability to be honest with your friend will also test your commitment to a genuine friendship.

Allow your friend to borrow money from you. Money has been linked to the breakup of many friendships. Because money often brings about people’s true intentions and motivations, the lending of it can test a true friendship. Failure to pay you back in a timely manner could be an indication of an unreliable friendship. A true friend will respect your right to be repaid as soon as they are able to do so. You shouldn’t have to send them reminders or beg them to repay your money to you.