10 Characteristics of Friendship

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Many people can say they have a large group of friends. However, it is very likely that you do not have true friendships with all of those friends. True friendships take work and time to form. Building true friendships require an equal amount of give and take from both parties. When they are established, true friendships are enduring. You will be able to lean to this friend for unconditional love, support and more.


True friends love each other unconditionally. These friends are able to confide in each other without fearing that their secrets might be spread. True friends can be trusted to keep secrets.


True friends are honest with each other. They are sincere in their compliments and opinions.


True friends love each other unconditionally. True friends understand that they may not agree with everything the other says or does. Despite disagreements, true friends have unconditional love for the other.


True friends support each other. Whatever the friend chooses to do, even if the decision doesn't appear correct, the other friend continues to fully support them.


True friends respect each other both physically and emotionally. They do not physically or emotionally abuse the other.


True friends are positive influences. They constantly encourage each other. They never hold each other back or put the other down. They push each other to become better personally, educationally and beyond.


True friends have constant friendship. They may not always be able to physically be there for one another but are always emotionally available. No matter how long they have gone without talking, both know that the friendship is still there.


True friends are kind and unselfish. They take and contribute equally to the friendship. You should never feel as if you are being taken advantage of.


True friends do not judge each other. No matter what the other has done or said, true friends do not judge.


True friends make time for each other while understanding that the other is just as busy. They both understand that it takes time spent together in order to keep a friendship intact.