Telltale Signs of Love

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Your gut tells you when you're falling in love. Butterflies beat there with titanium wings whenever his number appears on your caller ID. Pinpointing what he's feeling can be a little less clear. Renowned matchmaker Patti Stanger advises that your gut plays a part here too – sometimes you just know. If you need more proof than that, however, there are a few signs you can look for.

There's No "I" In "We"

Be alert for indications that your partner considers you part of his future. If he uses the pronoun "we" more often than "I," this is telling. If he is discussing future plans, that's great, but it's just as important when he's talking about likes, dislikes and other opinions. For example, he might tell his friend, "We hated that restaurant." Sure, this is past tense, but the point is, he has integrated you into his personal database. When he includes "we" in a discussion of weighty future issues, like saving up toward moving to larger quarters, the two of you might soon be picking out rings.

Love Is Blind

It is a scientific fact – love really is blind. When someone is in love, she tends to believe that her partner is the finest physical specimen ever to walk the earth, according to science writer Tara Ehrenfeld for "Psychology Today. If she gushes about your appearance every time you ring her doorbell, this may be a telltale indication that she is falling for you. Another good sign involves your personality quirks, idiosyncrasies and foibles. If she not only accepts them, but embraces them, this is a good sign. If everyone else you have dated has found it a little off-putting that you tweeze your chest hairs -- but she finds it fascinating -- she is probably in love.

You've Met His Mother – and His Grandmother

Have you found your way into his inner circle? This obviously includes his friends and co-workers, but more importantly, it includes his mom, dad, sis, bro, and maybe even his grandparents. People generally do not introduce their dating partners to the important people in their lives if there is any chance they will have to explain that partner's absence somewhere down the road. If he has let you in, it probably means he wants you around for the long haul. If he cares what you think of his crazy grandma, and holds his breath a little as you express your verdict, he may be in love.

He Reaches Out to You -– A Lot

If he frequently contacts you for no reason at all, this is one of the greatest indicators that he is in love. Texting you in the middle of a business meeting to comment on his boss's eyebrows – complete with photo – tells you that he is thinking of you when he probably should not be. Ditto if he calls you over his morning coffee to find out if you want to get together for dinner. And if he recalls that you mentioned – fleetingly and in passing – that you're dying to visit a new seafood place that just opened on the edge of town, this means he's hanging on to your every word and taking mental note. This is a very good sign, indeed.