How to Tell When Someone Is Lying By Their Eyes?

by Tara Green

You may not have to hire a detective to verify whether a spouse is cheating or a job applicant is padding their resume. The old song "Lying Eyes" actually holds more wisdom than you think. Psychologists who study human behavior say the eyes do reveal when someone is fabricating a story rather than stating actual facts. If you pay close attention to the signals the eyes reveal, you be your own non-electronic lie detector.

Let go of the old notion that people who tell the truth always look you in the eye. In some cultures, it is considered rude to make too much eye contact with someone, particularly if that person holds a position of authority. Also, an honest person may shift their gaze when called upon to remember specific details.

Notice if the person moves their eyes to their right. People tend to move their eyes to the right when remembering something. Generally, what they say after doing this will reflect the truth as they remember it. Where someone moves their eyes to the right will tell you what kind of memory they are accessing: directly right means an auditory memory, right and up indicates a visual memory, to the right and down means sensory recall.

Observe if the person shifts their eyes to the left. This is a clue the person may be fabricating rather than telling the truth. Eyes moving directly left mean the person is imagining hearing specific words or sounds. Left and slightly upwards is the eye movement people make to try to creatively visualize something. To the left and down means the person is trying to construct a taste or other physical sensation.

Look at the individual to see if they blink frequently. Unless there is some other reason for blinking like a strong wind, tears or obvious problems with their contacts this can indicate the person is lying.

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