How to Tell... Is Your Man Cheating

Thinking he might be up to something? You may be right. Know these warning signs of when men cheat.

Sudden Secrecy ~ Everyone's entitled to some privacy. However, when the need for privacy grows or expands to new areas of a man's life, you can safely suspect he's up to something. If his cell phone or his computer is suddenly off limits, there's a reason why. If he won't take certain phone calls in your presence, that's also a good indicator that he's got a secret. It may not be another woman, but it's likely something is happening that he doesn't want you aware of.

Needs Space ~ You're somewhere. He's somewhere else. It's happening more and more. It may have been coincidental in the beginning, but lately it's no mistake. If he needs more and more time with his friends, or time to "clear his head", something might be going on. When your man is cheating, he will need more and more time to invest in other women.

Focus on Flaws ~ Does it seem like he's developed a talent for pointing out your imperfections? Cheating men struggle with want, conscience and ego. Often this struggle takes the form of scape-goating. In other words, in his mind, he may be rationalizing his cheating by blaming it on your faults.

Domestic Disinterest ~ Men who cheat, particularly those having extended affairs, often lose interest in their home life. They stop making plans or investing emotionally in the future. This detachment may be the first sign that he is planning to leave the relationship.

Paranoia ~ Cheating men get paranoid. Plain and simple. People who cheat often assume everyone is capable of cheating to protect their own egos. It's a way to make their own behavior seem more normal or common.

Money Matters ~ If your man is cheating, you may notice changes in the financial arrangements in your relationship. He may be more secretive about his expenses and credit card bills. He may be low on cash. Or, he may have plenty of spending money, but his major bills are falling behind. If his cell phone bill becomes a top priority for no obvious reason, this is also a sign.

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