How to Tell if Your Boyfriend Isn't Happy

by Hans Fredrick

Spotting unhappiness before it develops into resentment and anger can save a relationship. If you learn to watch for the signs of a relationship in trouble, you might be able to take steps to save it. Turning the other cheek to an unhappy partner doesn't prevent conflict. Instead, it usually leads to more, and often to a breakup. Men don't always excel at expressing themselves openly, so sometimes you have to proactively look for signs of discontent in a relationship.

Watch for a man who stops trying to solve problems in the relationship. A man's natural inclination is to attack problems head on and to try and solve them. Notice if your man used to try and solve problems in the relationship and then stops and simply lets things slide.

Talk to him. Men often have a difficult time talking about feelings, and very commonly they won't express unhappiness until it is too late for a relationship. Ask your boyfriend questions from time to time to gauge how happy he is in the relationship.

Watch for the signs of cheating in a relationship. Some unhappy men deal with their dissatisfaction in a relationship by cheating. Notice if you're having less sex, if he's nervous about taking calls around you or if his friends suddenly act differently around you. Any of those could be signs of cheating.

Notice if your boyfriend suddenly agrees with everything that you say and agrees to do everything that you want to do, especially if he never indicates something that he wants to do. A healthy, happy person should have things that he or she wants to do. In a healthy relationship, that should include things he wants to do with you. If he makes zero suggestions or comments about what you're doing together, you should ask why.

Ask him to talk to someone about the problems that you're having. Work with a counsellor if you feel your serious boyfriend is unhappy in a relationship but you both want to see if the partnership can be salvaged. A professional helps provide insight into the root causes of relationship unhappiness.

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