Signs Your Husband Is a Liar or a Cheater

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Calling your husband a liar and a cheater is a strong accusation. If you accuse him of cheating without substantial evidence, it may cause him to become greatly offended and damage the marriage. However, sometimes when your gut instinct tells you something is wrong, there is. Don't become overbearing at the first sign your husband is lying about cheating. Several little small things may be nothing other than a misunderstanding or personality flaw. However, if you find several signs he is lying or cheating, confronting him may be necessary.

Body Language

When your husband makes excuses that may seem like a lie related to cheating, check his body language. When lying occurs, many changes happen physiologically that are sometimes visible. Facially, his lips and forehead may tighten and he may avoid eye contact when speaking. He may speak slower or quicker and with a higher pitch than usual. He may get defensive and may appear to be nervous or closed off. When he answers your questions, he is indirect and wordy without really answering the question.

Unaccountable Hours

One common sign of a cheating husband is the inability to account for his time. Unaccountable hours are anything from overtime at work to new mysterious hobbies or daily errands. Excuses are common for covering up these missing hours, especially generic excuses like "I was running late" or "My car was giving me trouble." However, many of these excuses don't add up with an expected time frame or with any reinforcing evidence such as receipts. He may also find similar excuses or lies to bail out on plans you made with him.

Suspicious Internet Activity

Cheating becomes increasingly easy with access to the Internet. Several social networking sites will allow your husband to communicate anonymously through messages or chat applications. It also allows him to easily look up old flames or make new ones. There are also dating sites around specifically catered for husbands who want to cheat. If you notice his Internet activity is much higher than before, it may be a sign he is cheating. If he makes sure to log out, close windows or turn the screen off when you are around, this is a sign he might be hiding something from you. If you question him on what he is doing, he may lie and say he is working or browsing innocent websites. Checking his Internet history on your browser may provide evidence he is cheating.

She's Just a Friend

If your husband has a lot of female friends or new female friends it may be a sign of cheating. It is common for cheaters to lie and downplay the situation by explaining that all the women he spends time with are simply just friends. He may also say these female friends are like sisters or he would never consider them in such a light. He may receive frequent phone calls or text messages from these friends. Or, he will simply lie about the calls and messages and say they are from male friends or coworkers. He may also avoid answering phone calls from female friends when he is around you.