How to Stay in Love with Your Spouse

Many things cause spouses to drift apart. Often it is the memory of how things used to be that keeps them together. A marriage is more special than any union you can have with a person or a thing. There is a way to ensure that you stay in love with your beautiful spouse forever.

Understand that over time everyone's outer beauty will diminish somewhat. Also understand that over time, a person's inner beauty can blossom into something magnificent. Don't let your spouse's outer beauty cause you to drift away. Focus on their inner beauty.

Go out to some type of social function with your spouse at least once per month. You probably did this when you first started going out and it was fun.

Don't let money push you apart. If you have financial difficulties, talk about it, pray and plan to recover. Understand that there is a big financial pie out there and you two can and will somehow get your share. On the other hand, if you have money, don't let some good looking person who is rotten on the inside cause you to destroy that one beautiful spirit that you and your spouse make.

Communicate. Don't get upset if you spouse says you don't look good in that favorite outfit that you like. Accept constructive criticism. There are a million outfits out there that fit you.

Compliment your spouse every day on something.

Give your spouse a gift once a week. Even if it's a piece of fruit or a note. You'll be surprised at how much fun it will be for both of you. Your spouse will also begin to look forward to it.

Surprise your spouse from time to time with a more elaborate expense (within your budget). It could be a movie, a dinner at their favorite restaurant or that weekend getaway they talked about.

Hold hands when you're out.

Tell your spouse, "I love you" every single day.