Snacks That Look Like Penguins

by Kristen May
From the front, most penguins are primarily white with black and orange accents.

From the front, most penguins are primarily white with black and orange accents.

Whether the weather outside is frosty or it's the middle of summer, a penguin snack makes a fun treat. You can make snacks that look like penguins with a wide variety of ingredients, but the most difficult part is coming up with foods that look black to use as the dark parts of the penguin. If possible, let your little ones help assemble their snacks to save time and get them involved.


Create miniature pizza snacks using black olive pieces as the main topping. Start with an English muffin as the base, add your favorite sauce and sprinkle on a little low-fat mozzarella cheese. Decorate the penguin by spreading black olive pieces around the sides and in the top center of the English muffin pizzas. Use a little bit of cheddar cheese for the beak, neck coloration and feet. Broil the pizzas in the oven or toaster oven, or for a quick snack, just melt the cheese in the microwave.

Kid-Decorated Bagels

Little ones are much more likely to eat a snack if they had a hand in making it. For younger kids, this project can even help develop hand-eye coordination. Work on a base of a bagel half spread with cream cheese, or for lower fat content, Neufchatel cheese. Use raisins to fill in the parts of the penguin that would be black, including the sides and the head, leaving the belly white in the center. Use carrot slices or cheese as the beak and feet.

Miniature Olive Penguins

Make a whole flock of penguins out of a can of olives. By splitting each olive in half and filling the inside with cream cheese, you get a penguin body. Add another smaller olive on top for the head and use carrot slices for the nose and feet. A toothpick helps hold the whole penguin together. These are a great snack for a birthday party or another event with a lot of people.


Penguins eat fish, so make penguin snacks that include some fish as well. If your kids like smoked salmon, use that as the penguin beak and feet. Or instead of adding real fish, just add things shaped like fish. Put a school of fish-shaped crackers on the plate next to the penguin or use a cookie cutter to make miniature fish-shaped sandwiches to serve alongside the penguin snack.

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