Simple Adult Birthday Party Food Ideas

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Planning a party can be complicated, but party food does not have cause you any strife. After all, when you have guests to tend to, you do not want to worry about soufflés collapsing in an oven. Simple party foods are those that take little to no preparation.

Fried Wontons and Egg Rolls

Find fried wontons and egg rolls in the frozen food section of supermarkets. To prepare these Asian goodies, place them on a cookie sheet and heat them in your oven, per the instructions on the packages. Put the wontons and egg rolls on a tray and place dipping sauces on the side for your guests to spoon on to their own plates.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Use thoroughly cooked meatballs for this simple party food. If you have not personally prepared and cooked meatballs, purchase cooked, frozen meatballs and defrost them in your refrigerator. A couple of hours before your party, place the meatballs into a slow-cooker, pour sweet and sour sauce over them and place the cooker on the “Low” setting. The meatballs will be nice and hot by the time your party starts. Make your life easier and place the slow-cooker on the party food table with a serving spoon and fancy toothpicks on the side.

Chips and Dip

Tortilla chips are a simple party food that guests can customize themselves. Around the chips, place bowls of sour cream, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, diced tomatoes and nacho cheese. Prevent a traffic jam of guests waiting to access the same dip or topping; place two sets of the same dips on the table, one set on either side of the bowl of chips.


Wraps are simple to make, but do take a little preparation. To make fabulous wraps, lay out a big flour tortilla that you just heated in the microwave for 20 seconds to make it more pliable on a plate. Down the middle of the wrap, place a 1-inch-tall mound of steamed rice that is about an inch or two wide. Place shredded chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, and a squirt of ranch dressing along the line of rice. Then place romaine lettuce on top of all the wrap’s fillings. Fold and roll the tortilla as you would a burrito. Place three evenly spaced toothpicks into the wrap and cut it into thirds. If you do not want to prepare the food for the wrap, buy the wrap’s filling ingredients already pre-cooked, chopped and grated.