Signs That a Husband Is Cheating

If your usually loving and caring husband has been giving you the dreaded signs of infidelity lately, you might have to take a closer look. A woman's intuition can be very strong, but it is better to confirm your doubts by being on the lookout for the obvious signs that your husband is cheating.

Behavioral Changes

When your husband becomes passive or starts arguments because of shallow reasons, he may be using this as grounds to leave the house and go somewhere else. According to, 20 percent of men who cheat start more fights with their wives. Your husband may become more distant or silent than usual. Routine conversations may not be so routine anymore, or he may not have time to talk to you at all. He may stop confiding in you or seldom seek advice from you anymore.

Excessive Work Hours and Loss of Interest

According to research done by M. Gary Neuman, a licensed family counselor, 61 percent of men who spend more time away from home are unfaithful. When a wife notices that her husband is spending less time with his family, it is best to find out what is making him lose interest. Although this may not serve as total proof that he is cheating, it may be a precursor to infidelity.

Neuman reveals that 40 percent of men meet their mistresses at work. A husband going to the office at odd hours, often working very late or putting in much more time at the office in general can be credible indications that he is cheating.

Grooming Changes

A cheating husband may become much more conscious of his appearance. His choices of clothes may change dramatically, and he may start doing things that he does not normally do, such as putting on more cologne.

Diminished Sexual Activity

According to, a healthy sexual relationship is essential for a successful marriage. Diminished sexual activity or a sudden loss of interest for sex is a sign that a husband is cheating.

Money Issues

When your husband begins to look over your shoulder and question how you handle your family's finances, this could be a sign of infidelity. Missing money in your bank account, receipts for things that you do not remember buying and overspending without your consent are some of the obvious signs that he is cheating.