Signs of a Cheating Partner


Strong feelings, security in finances and change is possible can enable someone to tolerate a cheating partner. There is no absolute in knowing you have a cheating partner. However, there are some common signs of a cheating partner to keep an eye out for if there are trust issues in the relationship.

Personal Appearance

Often couples become complacent in their relationships and settle into a routine for clothing, personal hygiene, hair style and other items for personal appearance. You might remember how your partner dressed up, fixed their hair special or wore makeup in the early stages of your relationship. Over time, personal appearance around the home gets put on the back burner.

One sign of a cheating partner is suddenly changing their hairstyle, dressing up more often or making other changes in personal appearance. For example, your partner might start visiting the nail salon or adds highlights to her hair. Perhaps, your partner is suddenly concerned about weight loss and body toning.

Phone Calls

Unusual phone calls from numbers you don't know are often a sign of a cheating partner. Is your partner protective about the cell phone? Does she frequently delete all call logs? One sign of a cheating partner is sudden wrong numbers, particularly from the opposite sex. Your partner taking personal phone calls in a private area where you can't hear what is being said is another sign.

Credit Card Purchases

Check your credit card statements. Often a cheating partner will have charges for gifts that you never received. They will have restaurant charges--or even hotel charges. Question your partner about the charges to find out why they're being made. If they're cheating, they will have an excuse.

Email Accounts

Technology has made it possible to cheat via the Internet. You can communicate with people all over the world through emails. A sign of a cheating partner is secret email accounts. Your partner might have accounts that are specifically to write and keep in contact with someone on the Internet or with someone they are cheating with locally. Often emails are minimized when you walk by the computer to prevent you from seeing the communication or finding out they have secret email accounts.

Sexual Preferences

Cheating spouses know that a sudden disinterest in sex is a clue they are cheating. A sign of a cheating partner is a sudden change in sexual preferences. Your partner hides the cheating by becoming very sexually active. She learns new ways of being intimate from her affair, and, as a result, often changes her sexual preferences. She doesn't even realize she's making the changes.


Another sign of cheating partner is accusations that you are the one cheating. The cheating partner loses trust in you because he is being unfaithful. This then transfers to the partner accusing you of cheating, not loving them or being dishonest in your relationship.