Shoe Cobbler Schools

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The art of cobbling may seem old fashion to some, but there are still a few cobbler schools that teach how to make shoes, including modern styles such as high-heels and pumps. Many of these schools offer workshops that last only a few days, but teach students the techniques and skills needed to create their own kicks.

International Shoemaking

The International Shoemaking school in Cleveland, Ohio, focuses on teaching "high fashion, high fun and 'hi sexy' shoes." Students in its two-day classes will be taught by a trained shoemaker on how to make styles such as pumps, mules, spectator shoes, strapy sandals or boots. From shoe design to construction, participants will create their own kicks by hand and leave the class with new shoes on their feet.

Shoemaking Classes by Jeanne Bjorn

These shoe cobbler classes are held in located in Portland, Oregon, by Jeanne Bjorn: a professional fashion designer, costume designer and milliner since 1980. She offers five-day classes in shoemaking, including Slides SM100. This class teaches students how to measure their feet, work with leather and fabric, and design their own custom shoes. Students can choose their own fabric and apply decorative binding and designs from foot to heel, and complete the course with a pair of shoes made just for them.


The ShoeSchool, held in Port Townsend, Washington, is designed to share, preserve and further the knowledge and skills of making footwear--and does so through a variety of hands-on classes. Students can enroll in a five-day introduction to shoe-making course, and continue on into more advanced training and consulting. Along with a teacher's lessons, participants will have access to sewing machines, cutting equipment, leather and a reference library while creating their handmade shoes.

Simple Shoemaking Co.

Simple Shoemaking Co. of Shutesbury, Massachusetts, features two-day workshops for those wanting to learn shoe making. Instructor Sharon Raymond teaches how to make a studio shoe, which is created from one piece of fabric and a rubber sole. Students will also have the opportunity to decorate their shoes. For those wanting to start a shoe-making business, the instructor can advise how to choose and purchase an appropriate stitching machine and other equipment needed for the business.