How to Serve Fancy Mousse

by Hannah Wickford

Mousse is basically a fancy pudding for adults. This traditional French classic combines whipped cream, decadent chocolate, sugar, butter and coffee to create a dessert that is light and airy yet bold and flavorful. Pay attention to your plating and garnish when serving mousse and you'll wow your guests with your culinary prowess.

Serving Dishes

Think outside the bowl when serving mousse, and look to other types of serving dishes instead. Martini glasses, champagne flutes, cappuccino cups, espresso cups and even edible chocolate cups or bowls will all elevate the look of this simple dessert.

Fancy Garnish

A simple dollop of whipped cream and a few chocolate curls will suffice when serving mousse, but there are other garnishes that will add more color, flavor and texture to your dessert. Try topping your mousse with a fresh raspberry and mint leaf, a French macaron cookie or tuille, finely chopped nuts or some praline candy.

Layering for Effect

Use three flavors of mousse, such as dark-brown chocolate, light-brown mocha and cream-color white chocolate, to create a layered effect. Pipe layers of the different mousse flavors into champagne flutes or silicone molds, or create a terrine in a springform pan, freezing each layer before adding the next. Remove the sides of the pan and cut into slices before garnishing and serving.

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